3 Magical Items Harry Potter Must Have Forgotten About

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is full of magical items and useful artifacts, many of which appear in the films (and books). However, Potter and the gang seem to have developed amnesia regarding a few enchanted objects, as a number of items that appear in the films would have been incredibly useful to have during the final battle against Voldemort. It’s worth pointing out that I haven’t read the books so feel free to bombard me with threatening comments if you disagree.

1) Hermione’s Time-Turner – Remember when Harry and Hermione go back in time to go and rescue Buckbeak, using her weird little pocket-watch thing? Well did she not think to perhaps use it in the event anyone else happened to be killed?

Seriously, no? I know there’s probably some caveat in the book that conveniently explains why she couldn’t use it again, but what I’m getting from this is that the life of some big angry chicken thing is more important than their actual friends and relatives.

Think of Sirius, or Lupin, or Tonks, or Hedwig. Or Dobby, even. Surely Ron would remember such a handy item when he was mourning the loss of his older brother.

2) Basilisk’s Fangs – I know Dumbledore was a bit strange, but when he heard that Harry had killed a basilisk, and used its fang to destroy Tom Riddle’s diary, did he not think to go down there and grab a handful for himself? Did he really need to wait for Ron and Hermione to figure it out for themselves?

I know he was already whacking horcuxes with the Sword of Griffindor, but would it not have been a good idea to give a horcrux killing stick to Snape, Harry, and anyone else he’d recruited in the fight against Voldemort. And God forbid he actually tell Harry that basilisk fangs would do the job! Typical wise old man douchebag attitude.

3) The Philosopher’s (Sorcerer’s) Stone – I know what you’re going to say. Nicolas Flamel destroyed the stone to stop it falling into the wrong hands and accidentally making Voldemort immortal and stuff.

But think about it. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to stock up on some of that Elixir of Life goodness beforehand? That way Dumbledore could have averted his weird black-hand-of-death thing, and George would still have a twin brother.


  1. Although I think these are good points, there’s some information from the books that could provide possible explanations.
    First of all, Hermione returns the Time Turner to Professor McGonagall at the end of book three. Then, in book five, during the battle at the Department of Mysteries, all the time turners are destroyed, so they can’t get another one (JK rowling has admitted that she put that in to conveniently prevent exactly what you’re talking about)
    For the basilisk fangs, all of Dumbledore’s possessions were sorted through after his death to prevent him passing on anything potentially dark and dangerous (and fangs would definitely be under that category). It’s possible that he could have given them to Harry before his death, but the useful thing about the sword instead is that even if it is stolen it will always return to atrue Gryffindor. I do agree, however, that he could have at least mentioned them to Harry.
    As for the elixir of life, it doesn’t revert death, or keep one alive indefinitely. There’s no way it could have saved Fred, and although it would have kept Dumbledore alive for some time, he would have died anyway as soon as it ran out. It could have still been useful to have around though!


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